Friday, March 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday Scrap Starters!

For those of you, who like me, often find themselves struggling to 'get the ball rolling' on a page.  For those who get stuck trying to lay out your pictures and papers in a way that makes you smile, do I have just the thing for you!

Introducing (insert drum roll here)...

The Mad Scrapper's Fabulous Friday Scrap Starters!

These sensational sketches are sure to speed up your scrapping in a snap, and these punchy pages will please even the most perplexed of people!  (Now how's that for alliteration?!)

I've designed these scrap starters as an easy way to start pages, create layouts, and get those pictures in your albums!  They are designed for 12 x 12 pages, but can be scaled for any size album.   You'll see a lot of 4x6 pictures because that's mostly what I print, so this makes it fast and simple to use them without having to figure out how to crop them to fit, but I will have some with other sizes too, because sometimes you've gotta crop out Aunt Gertrude's backside from the shot, or your dear hubby's blurry finger from an otherwise great pic of your kiddos...

I hope you enjoy this new feature of The Mad Scrapper, and I hope you'll send me some pictures of your finished pages so I can see how you used the sketches and so I can post them for even more inspiration for the rest of us!

As always, Happy Scrapping, and enjoy your new Scrap Starter! 


  1. Oooh, I LOVE sketches! And these are great ones, too. I'll have to give these a try!


  2. Thanks, Tish! Glad you like! I have an even better one in store for this week!

  3. Okay, so I'm a really really (really) slow scrapper! But I finally got a page done with this sketch (I only used the left side for a one pager):

    Thanks for doing the sketches for us, I had fun with this!